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‚ÄúWhat is Kekistan? Let‚Äôs explore what Kekistan is, what it is not and how it‚Äôs portrayed incorrectly by places like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the media. I know this is ‚Äėexplaining a meme‚Äô, but I‚Äôve rarely seen a meme adopted and used so quickly by so many people. And if the media won‚Äôt get it right, we have to do it for them.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄďSource‚Äď

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Watch “The Internet for Dummies | Pepe, Kekistan & Normies” on YouTube

In recent decades, as internet access and web development have exploded, countless communities have been formed from every fandom imaginable.  There are so many people logging onto the web that web life has developed its own culture and, by extension, a plethora of sub-cultures tailored to different fandoms.  For a person who is almost constantly immersed in web culture, it can feel second-nature to them. However; to a person who looks at a computer with a puzzled facial expression, people on the web might as well be speaking another language.  So, to clear up some confusion for the normies, here is YouTube user Roaming Millennial.

War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control

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Drug usage, individualism, and the spirit of a libertarian.

Since I’ve been old enough to question the meaning behind the words, “land of the free and home of the brave,” I have pondered over classic American ideas of freedom , specifically the apparent contradictions between the idea that Americans enjoy more freedom from tyranny than any other rationalized peoples and the punitive practices of American law enforcement agencies against non-violent criminals.¬† If America really is the “land of the free,” why is it a crime to light up a pipe filled with cannabis in the privacy of one’s own home?¬† What exatly is the American ideal of freedom?

In the interest of fairness, I do acknowledge that (in general) the United States of America is a decent place to live compared to many other countries across the globe.¬† While it is not logical to act prideful in the facts of your birth (no human chooses the circumstances of their birth), I am a little prideful about the relative prosperity of Western Civilization.¬† No society is perfect but there is prosperity relative to other countries.¬† The West’s top rankings on global freedom indexes are no accident – they are partly due to a a general culture that respects individualism and democratic-republicanism.

However; the United States has also been catalogued with the highest prison in the planet’s western hemisphere.¬† (See the International Centre for Prison Studies: World Prison Population List – ICPS).¬† Amongst Western nations, that is a poor ranking and Americans can do better.¬† I think a major factor in this high population of prisoners is the so-called “war on drugs,” which was initiated under President Richard Nixon.

The argument in favor of drug prohibition is an emotional one consisting of exclamations like, “we need to prosecute these drug addicts,” “get these lazy pot heads off the street,” people shouldn’t be using drugs,” and more.¬† All of these exclamations are irrelevant to individual freedom.¬† A legal case may be argued for limiting drug use in on public property reserved for the general population but, on private property, it is a simple case of individual property rights and personal freedom.¬† Regardless how one feels about drug use, it affects no one but the individuals involved and, if tobacco and alcohol use are not criminalized actions (two drugs much more dangerous than other drugs like cannabis) there is no consistent reasoning to criminalize less dangerous drugs.

Fortunately, there seems to be a growing shift in American cultures regarding durg use (at least regarding cannabis use).  More than half of the states in the union have legalized medical-based cannabis; eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized it recreationally.  Opinion polls show that more than half of the general public is now in favor of full legalization at the federal level.  Trends are moving in a more libertarian direction.

Content creator and YouTube pundit Wizard of Cause expresses his satisfaction towards this trend in the following video:

I think any person harboring some preconceived ideas about drugs and drug users should at least make an attempt to flip the argument around onto themselves and then ask themselves if they would want anyone else busting down their doors in a police raid for a minimal amount of cannabis.  Is that kind of environment really in line with an American ideal of freedom?  Are citizens really free if we have to fear law enforcement because of a personal decision on private property?

Optimism for the future from the Wizard.

Can YouTube’s “Skeptic Community” put aside the memes and extend an olive branch to the “social justice warriors?”¬† Can a feminist like Laci Green reconcile with a skeptical humanist like Sargon of Akkad?¬† Actually, that already happened at VidCon 2017:


“A good number of SJW’s, for instance, as stupid as they may be, are not necessarily the evil manipulative creatures that say Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quin, or Brianna Wu is.¬† To them, their ideologies and their notions are genuinely good.¬† They’re trying to do good for the world and make it a better place, even if the actual practice and function of their ideas much like communism would result in widespread suffering and abject failure.¬† This being the case though, why not take on those arguments more directly?¬† Why not, instead of showing everyone how clever we can be, show them how smart we really are?¬† Because there’s a whole lot of batshit, dumb-fuckery out there to be combated by smarter people and the better angels of our nature can shine through if we let them (Nick Goroff a.k.a. the Wizard of Cause, 2017).”

Repost: “The Sickness in the Left”

I think this piece of writing by Nick Goroff in Occupy.com is still relevant today.¬† Being a “liberal” means valuing civil and political rights for each individual.¬† We should not be restricting the freedom of those in the majority population to protect those in minority populations.¬† Advocating for individual rights is synonymous with advocating for minority rights because civil rights for each individual creates a consistent standard amongst the total population.

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“How to find and support trustworthy journalism.”

Josh Stearns

If you are hungry for news you can trust, journalism that helps you make decisions about your community, reporting that holds power to account, then this is for you. This is my personal advice for people who want to support journalism that matters. It is just a starting point, it is not comprehensive, and it’ll become stronger and more useful if you add your ideas to it. Use the comments to add your list of newsrooms you subscribe to and support.

Now more than ever, it is important to our democracy that we seek out and support good journalism. Every person is going to construct their media diet differently, so any list I create will be incomplete. My goal here is to provide a framework for you to find the news that will challenge, inspire, inform and engage you.

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“It is no longer harassment¬†if Anita Sarkeesian does it.”

Suitably Bored

For reference before we begin, watch this video from popular female Youtuber Barbara4u2c¬†for the full explanation of what happened at Feminist Frequency‚Äôs ‚ÄúWoman Online‚ÄĚ panel at VidCon 2017. If you want to skip the entire video I won‚Äôt blame you, but if you want to hear Anita Sarkeesian call someone a: ‚Äúgarbage human being‚ÄĚ it starts off at the 2:40-minute mark of the video:

Can I for the record state the level of irony in this video is over 9000? When Anita Sarkeesian hosts a panel specifically against things like cyberbullying, only to turn around to someone she dislikes in the audience (Sargon) and call them a garbage human being? Add to the fact that Sargon wasn’t doing anything to provoke her outside of silently watching her panel. It seems like Anita was attempting to provoke a reaction out of Sargon so that she could then spin that into…

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Free speech is the foundation for civility.

There is a rising ideology in America today, fostered by the political spectrum’s left-wing, that is antithetical to the values that Western Civilization has held dear for centuries.¬† This ideology is commonly referred to as “Progressivism,” although it is anything but progressive.¬† It seems to have been born out of a desire to give minority populations a stronger voice in political discourse but it is taken to such an extreme that it idolizes victimization and demonizes any position of privilege.¬† Some proponents of this ideology have driven it to an extent of advocating for dismantling Western political and judicial institutions on the basis that Western Civilization is founded on exploitations and subversions of alternative cultures.¬† Never mind that individuals in the West today enjoy a relatively peaceful society as well as longer lifespans and substantial freedom (Freedom House and Economic Intelligence Unit) compared to the rest of the world, many contemporary leftists focus on the negative aspects of Western civilization like institutionalized slavery and its subsequent repercussions, extreme poverty as a byproduct of excessive capitalism, the tendency of unregulated capitalism to move toward monopolies and corporate oligarchies, etc.¬† These new leftists either fail to recognize or simply ignore the benefits that Western civilization has brought its people like mass production of clothing,¬†development of modern medical practices and medicinal remedies, personal empowerment through entrepreneurship, rising standards of living for all economic classes, etc.¬† The new leftists see the world through an extremely narrow and simplistic scope of oppressors and the oppressed with no middle ground.

Western civilization is not perfect, of course; no human society is perfect because humans are not perfect.  Human history has no shortage of prejudiced individuals and violent actions.  However; any honest scholar of human history will recognize that some of the worst atrocities have been committed in the pursuit of an utopian ideal.  A pragmatic and humanistic leader will help to govern his society based on how humans are, not how we ought to be.

Contemporary leftists are indeed pushing an¬†idealistic and utopian agenda, one that seems eerily reminiscent of the old Marxist rhetoric which culminated in the Russian Revolution.¬† These new “cultural Marxists” seem be driven by a desire for a utopia in which prejudice is non-existent and they are more evident on college campuses.¬† The problem with this utopian ideology, as well-intentioned as it may be, is that it creates an “in-group” mentality among its proponents, which ironically fosters exclusiveness in pursuit of inclusiveness; in pursuit of an all-inclusive society, these neo-Communists fight to silence any rhetoric that may be labelled as hateful.¬† Never mind freedom of speech/expression for individuals, whatever speech that can be labelled as “hate speech” will not be tolerated by the neo-Communists.¬† This pro-censorship stance is antithetical to liberalism and an open marketplace of ideas.

Recent examples of these neo-Communists revealed themselves during Milo Yiannopolous‘ tour through American colleges, his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.”¬† During this multi-stop travelling experience,¬† Yiannopolous spoke publicly at privately scheduled events on the campuses of various colleges and universities.¬† Yiannopolous being a provocateur, often saying incendiary and inflammatory things, was met with much resistance in the form of protests.¬† Although, these protesters did not attempt to debate Yiannopolous intellectually and respectfully, they instead made a show of their opposition to him in attempts to¬†disrupt and shut down his events.¬† Interruption, disruption, and (ultimately) censorship are the tactics of the neo-Communists because they seem to think that their ideology is above criticism and anyone who dares to question them must be a racist or a sexist or a homophobe and therefore do not deserve to be engaged with intellectually.¬† This “in-group” mentality is dangerous because it inculcates the people inside this ideology from any reasonable debate; the ideologues¬†foster their beliefs inside an echo chamber and they become self-righteous.¬† Yiannopolous may say some insensitive things but he still has the political right to free speech and expression.¬† Debate is the appropriate response to controversy, not censorship.

Conservatives such as Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, and Lauren Southern have now taken up the mantle for free speech, but free speech as a political issue should be a basic unifying principle in any civilized society.  The ability to argue with each other without resorting to violent reactions, even if no consensus is reached, is what separates us from more barabaric societies.

Leftist frenzy over professional troll, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Renowned, online provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos resigned from his position as Breitbart’s tech editor yesterday over comments he made over a year ago.  In January of 2016, Milo appeared on the Drunken Peasants (DP), a comedic podcast boasting over 138,000 subscribers on YouTube.  During that DP episode, the talk show hosts pressured Milo to confront some of the apparent inconsistencies in his personal politics and Milo eventually wandered onto the subject of an experience he lived through as a teenager regarding his church.  Today, more than a year later, a conservative group known as the Reagan Battalion tweeted a video of Milo with clips from his appearance on the DP.  CNN found the video and made a televised report of Milo’s comments on the DP.

The CNN report on Milo‚Äôs comments set off a media firestorm with Salon, Buzzfeed, Mediaite jumping on the clip to write hit pieces about Milo “defending pedophilia” over comments that were made more than a year ago.¬† If these writers are so concerned about these comments, where were they when the comments were initially made?¬† After the video clip and the CNN news report went viral online, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) disinvited Milo from speaking at their event later this year.¬† The publishing company Simon & Schuster also cancelled their book deal with Milo.¬† After these two personal setbacks, Milo decided to resign from his senior editing position at Breitbart News Network.

Milo has been a controversial figure in American political discourse for some time now.¬† Throughout 2016, he toured American college campuses across the country (the “Dangerous Faggot Tour”) utilizing his usual inflammatory rhetoric while speaking out against liberal immigration policies, advocating for unconditional free speech, and campaigning for Donald Trump.¬† Milo’s tour across American colleges also drew hordes of protesters at his events attempting to shut them down in the name of silencing “hate speech.”¬† This backlash against Milo from the political Left proves that the Left is no longer liberal.¬† A core value of liberalism is individual liberty, the ability to live your life in accordance with your own desires as long as you are not physically harming anyone else.¬† Today, psuedo-liberals often claim that “hateful speech” does harm them physically in the form of mental stress.¬† However; what constitutes hate speech?¬† Who determines and declares hate speech?¬† Merriam-Webster defines “hate speech” as “speech expressing hatred of a particular group of people.”¬† This defintion could literally apply to any group of people, it is subjective.¬† Any person can claim “hate speech” against any other person, which make laws against “hate speech” too easily abused.

Free speech is only effective if it applies to every individual in the society  If you support free speech, you should also support the speech of those with whom you disagree.  Censorship may only work in your favor for as long as your representatives are in positions of power or influence.

How can I end this blog post any other way?¬† In the words of Milo Yiannopoulos, “with all due respect, kindly fuck your feelings!”

New Years’ Resolutions¬†

I’ve never been too interested in holiday celebrations but New Years seems like the most useless holiday.  Why is it necessary to celebrate a new year even if we already understand that a new year arrives every fucking year?  One can apply that same logic with birthdays and arrive at the same concusion: they’re fucking useless. 

However; the concept of a new year’s resolution is not so useless; that comes out of a simple desire to improve one’s self.  Every human should strive for self-improvement while remembering that perfection is an illusion. 

I think the key to maintaining positive resolutions throughout the year is to construct them with humble components; keep your resolutions simple and small (at least to start with).  Complicating matters with a more detailed agenda forces one to use more resources for the ultimatum.  There is beauty in simplicity and simple, day-to-day goals can help to clear your path for your long-term mission. 

My simple resolution for the year of 2017 is to become a more organized individual.  I recently purchased a weekly planner and I will be writing my goals by the week in that planner.  Hopefully, this tactic will assist my efforts to become more organized. 

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